The App

The SPACER app can be downloaded (iOS or Android) to a smartphone and vibrates when someone else with the Spacer App on their phone is less than 2m for over one minute. If the SPACER app vibrates, then the person can either step further away from someone nearby or suspend the alarm for 10minutes if it was not possible to move straight away, for example health care workings performing a clinical procedure.

Professor Derek O’Keeffe said: “Implementing the 2 metre social distancing can be difficult to manage in busy work environments such as hospitals, and it is vital that frontline staff stay adequately distanced to ensure that they do not spread the virus between themselves. Unfortunately globally to date healthcare workers are the occupation that have made up the largest percentage of people affected by the COVID19 pandemic due to their clinical work and their working environment. Therefore we urgently need an active and dynamic solution to help this vulnerable cohort and the general public to maintain social distance.”

“The approach to managing COVID19 with digital health solutions can be thought of like fire safety, our SPACER App is like fire prevention – trying to prevent people from staying in contact too close and for too long”, continued Professor O’Keeffe.